Travel Photos: {LA Baby!}

For our 7th anniversary, J decided to spoil me by taking me on a 3 weeks trip around the US, Dubai and Maldives. I had the best time of my life! It was the perfect getaway to celebrate our special milestone together.

Our first stop was Los Angeles, California!

Oh my god, never in my dreams I thought I'd have a chance to visit the US. 

It was so surreal. (This was only LA, can you imagine my reaction when I was in NYC??)

Ok I shall stop sounding like a total moron and get on with the pictures.

Universal Studios Hollywood

I've never been to a Universal Studios before, so I was quite excited to be visiting this touristy spot.

You're not in LA, until you see palm trees

A very real plane crash scene:

Wysteria Lane is so pretty! I wanna live in one of these houses. If you're a fan of Desperate Housewives, can you tell which house is whose? I think the yellow one belongs to Bree Van De Kamp.

Downtown LA

We were taken to Downtown LA, by our chauffeur from the hotel that we stayed in, for some food and sight seeing. Nothing much here, except for office buildings and Staples Center.

Nokia Theatre LA:

Staples Center:

Dinner @ Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill:

One of the best truffle chips I've tried. Yum:

Venice Beach

I heard that you can see all the buff body builders working out and some weirdos at Venice Beach.

But we went there too early in the morning, we didn't get to see much, except for a couple of people doing Karate and weirdos.

If you're a tourist like me, don't buy souvenirs at Hollywood Boulevard, buy them at Venice Beach instead. The prices do vary a whole lot!

Farmer's Market

This place was quite interesting. There was much more than just food around this area. Nearby, there's a shopping district, which name I've forgotten, and which I wasn't able to stop and shop due to time constraint. (We were on a day tour)

I *heart* LA!

Hollywood Boulevard

A must visit place for tourists. I didn't think it was a big hoo-haa and it was packed with people during the day.

There, you have your typical Hollywood Walk of Fame and a street full of people mimicking stars like Elvis Presley, Spiderman, Willy Wonka and the likes. I thought it was free to take pictures with them, but silly me, they don't wake up in the morning and put on ridiculous costume for nothing. :)

I grew up listening to her music.

Just good old Elmo rocking up for work. Hehe

Marilyn Monroe's wax figure kinda freaks me out a little.

Our hotel in LA

We stayed at Four Points by Sheraton near LAX and I was pleasantly surprise. For the amount that we've spent on this hotel, it was worth it.

The room was spacious with a squeaky clean toilet, which is a MUST for me, and the food at the hotel was great and reasonably priced. Nearby, there's Burger King and a convenient store.

I love how at every hotel in the US, there's a filter coffee machine with a ready-to-go cup!

I also love how orange juice and coffee is unlimited almost everywhere we go to. Even though I prefer Melbourne's coffee, give me a big pot of black drip coffee and I'll be happy for the rest of the day.

I also love how there's a tour centre that we can go to for last minute day tours.

Me on our very comfortable tour bus.

These purple flowered trees were everywhere in LA, it was such a pretty sight to look at.

All in all, I enjoyed LA but the weather was a tad too cold for summer!

I was given the task to research for places to go in LA and I regretted not doing a good job. There were so many things to do in LA but we just didn't have sufficient time. I wanted to visit the vintage stores that I saw along the way to our tourists spots but didn't get a chance to. Maybe next time, I'd be sure to plan properly and no more touristy places.

Have you been to LA or are you from LA? If so, what are the must go places for a local?

Next up: San Francisco