Birthday Dinner '11

This year's birthday dinner was at Lake House Restaurant in Daylesford.
Lake House Restaurant serves Modern Australian cuisine which has earned 2 chefs hats from The Age-Good Food Guide .

Located approximately 120 km from Melbourne City, Lake House itself is a retreat that provides accommodation, spa and healing facilities for their guests. The whole area is surrounded by greenery and the atmosphere is very relaxing and calming. I wouldn't mind staying here for a night or two just to get out of Melbourne city and enjoy the tranquility of this place.

4 King Street

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Now, time for pictures:

J told me we had some time to spare before our dinner reservation so we explored the place a little.
The whole area was so beautifully decorated with flowers and trees.

p/s: this dust pink H&M jacket is my current favourite blazer.

The Kitchen Garden which is located right next to the restaurant:

Finally, our table is ready. 
We had the cosy cushion seat by the window.
The view was tres beau!

Now, let's get on to the food! The most exciting part of this post.
However, my memory isn't too good when it comes to the name of our dishes.
So please bare with me, I'll try to remember as many as possible.

We started with your usual bread and butter:

For entree, we ordered 3 instead of just two cause we are greedy like that! :)

This would be my favourite entree of them 3.
It's ocean trout with crispy skin and orange jelly.
I don't remember what the sauce was but all the ingredients goes so well together it just explodes in your mouth.

Our second entree is poached egg (to a specific degree which I can't remember) and asparagus soup.

Our third entree is eel wrapped with pancetta and beetroot. This was really yummy as well and it was recommended by our very attentive waitress. I don't usually eat eel but this I will eat, at anytime!

One of our mains, pork belly and their famous quail tempura with some veggie and tofu on the side.

The other, which in my opinion is the better main, is the beef.
The fried 'thing' at the top of the beef tasted so good. We couldn't figured out what it was.
Sadly, this wasn't my main so I don't know what's on this plate except for the obvious. :(

Our palette cleanser of vanilla yoghurt and, if I'm not mistaken, passionfruit.

Our dessert was so so scrumptious!
Both tasted so good we couldn't pick the best.

First dessert is pistachio cake with apple/pear sorbet.
The apple/pear sortbet was so refreshing and soft. It went very well with the cake and the crunch of those clustered pistachios.

Our second dessert is the olive cake with strawberries, rhubarb, orange jelly, olive caramel and basil ice cream. I remember all the elements to this dessert because I thought the combination was a little weird.

Turns out, it tasted so much better than it looks.
The basil ice cream was so creamy.
I am salivating looking at these pictures.

♥ Lastly, a picture of us to end this post 

Thank you for the wonderful birthday experience :)