I Don't Know How She Does It

I watched this trailer a while ago and it has been on my "movies to watch" list ever since. It's coming out next week on the 2nd of November! How exciting! What's even more exciting is that Nuffnang is giving away 2x double passes for the Melbourne premiere!! Not only that, Sarah Jessica Parker will be attending the premiere as well! *eekkkksssss* 

In order to win the movie passes I have to tell them....

"What outfit you’d wear to meet Sarah Jessica Parker and why!  For extra browny points, show us a Polyvore/Lookbook set that you’ve put together showing us your SJP outfit!"

If I were to meet SJP, I would definitely be at my fashion best. (within a budget of course, I am not at the stage where I can afford Louboutin's or Manolo's *sigh*) 
I would most probably incorporate my current favourite fashion trend, neutral + colour blocking and my ALL time favourite lace trend into my outfit. Maybe throw in a chunky necklace and suede wedges to go with my outfit. 

SJP is a style icon so it's only appropriate if I try my best to look fashionable when I meet her. (It's sort of like a respect to her as a style icon. I mean you don't dress up in jeans and a tee to meet the Queen right? *hehe*) Plus, I am assuming she likes the colour blocking trend as well as she was spotted in a Prabal Gurung ensemble recently.
Also, another reason why I chose this outfit is because I know she would look fabulous during the premiere of the movie and I would not want to look like I didn't put in any effort to dress up if I were to stand next to her to take a picture.

Here's a Polyvore inspiration set I made which resemble the two outfits that I would wear:
SJP Inspiration

Which is your favourite amongst these two options?