Travel {Photos}: San Francisco

Oh, San Francisco, where do I start?

  • San Francisco was so beautiful. 
  • The architecture of the houses in the city is truly amazing.
  • Love how the trams are very old school and use manual breaks.
  • Just like L.A, San Francisco was really cold for Summer!
  • There were lots of homeless people around the city- not too sure what I think about that.
  • The sight of the Golden Gate Bridge was surreal.
  • Pretty, pretty fairy lights all over San Francisco.


I wanna go back to San Francisco.

I'll let the pictures do the talking now.

I love how almost every airline in the US provides complimentary snacks and beverages even though the flight is only less than 2 hours.

Our sight upon arrival in the city:

Our lunch was at Westfield's food court, which was surprisingly good.

We headed to bloomingdales after lunch.


I was so tempted to buy all of their official merchandises.

Some of my favourite buys from SF:

If you're a tourist like me, DO remember to apply for a tourist discount card at major departmental stores like bloomingdales and Macy's.

You get approximately 10% off everything except for cosmetics.

There were fairy lights every where.

Especially when you're approaching the Fisherman's Wharf.

Even in restaurants, there are fairy lights!

We went to the Fisherman's wharf rather late (cause I was shopping *guilty*) so we had to settle for the only restaurant that was open at that time, Cioppino's.

The food was alright, nothing special but the portion was huge!

That was end of our first day in San Francisco.

Next day, I spotted a fashionable young guy strutting on the street while I was on our double decker tour bus.

We passed by the very famous six Victorian houses at Alamo Square but I couldn't capture a good shot of it was we were on the bus. I did manage to capture other similar looking houses:

We love the hotdogs in San Fran. 

Those sour pickles/radish/veggie was very delicious!

Rainbow flag = Gay pride

San Francisco city view.

You see that long stretch of green road..

Here's the close up of that green road:

 San Francisco City Hall:

We stayed at the Hilton in San Francisco which was located at a great location.

The hotel is a little old, but I guess that's the charm of the hotel.

Do book online as it's much cheaper.

Our breakfast buffet which comes with our hotel deal wasn't bad at all. :)


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