Rusty's First Birthday!

It felt like just yesterday when we first met Rusty and I wrote about him in this post.
Can't believe he turned 1 today! :) (He was only 3 months old when we got him)

Mom and I decided we should do a mini celebration for him so we got him a cake.

Since he loves carrots and apples, we got him a carrot and apple party cake from pawzbakery.
Rusty finished his portion of the cake in less than 5 minutes! That shows how much he loved the cake!
Thanks to a dear friend who recommended pawzbakery to me.

Here are more pictures of the happy boy:

Rusty and I:
Last picture of Rusty with his birthday hat. He looks so adorable in it!

However, it wasn't easy getting him to pose for the camera with the birthday hat. 
He looked like this most of the time:

Hope everyone's weekend was great! :) 
Here's to another great week ahead..!