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On the 11.11.11, one of my best and longest friends finally got married!
I'm very happy for Shura & Zamir to have finally tie the knot. Love these love birds to bits :)
This also explains the lack of updates on my blog. :( I was busy running errands and getting ready for her wedding.

It was also my first time at a Muslim Solemnisation ceremony and guess what? I got to be one of the 'Dulang' girls, 'dulang' basically means 'tray' in Malay. The whole ceremony was beautiful and I'm so glad I get to be part of it!

The 'Dulang' girls were given cloth for us to make a Malay traditional dress with. I absolutely love the colour. However, I was a bit skeptical on how it might look on me, since pastel isn't the best colour for my body shape. I was really happy with the final product. It turned out better than I expected! Thanks to Aimika, who went through all the trouble to help me get my dress done on time while I was in Melbourne

All the girls in Tiffany blue hues:

Alia, Rozanna & I waiting for our turn to take pictures with the bride:

I was Phoebe's hairstylist that night:

The 'Dulang Hantaran'/ Gift trays:

Now, let's talk about Shura's wedding dress.
It was traditional but with a modern twist to it.
I love the Camelia cut out lace and also the light touches of ostrich feathers to her dress.

Shura's veil, with lots of pretty details:

Shura and her designer from Baharim:

I think this guy is a genius! His designs are so beautiful.
I love this dress on the mannequin:

 Someday, I will afford his dresses :)

More pictures from the ceremony:
Let me introduce you to, the beautiful newly wed, Mrs Shura.

Beautiful, isn't she? 

The happy couple:

The house was packed with people clad in beautiful traditional Malay dresses!

The bride & groom with their 'Dulang' boys and girls:

 I love this picture! 
 Can't wait for the wedding reception tomorrow!

To Shu & Zam,
I wish you the best in your future together as husband & wife!
Love always,
Kimmy :)