SJP "I don't know how she does it" Melbourne Premiere

Remember this competition I mentioned not too long ago?
I WON!!!!!!!

I was one of the lucky two from Melbourne who won the double passes to 'I don't know how she does it' Melbourne premiere thanks to Nuffnang.
It was a great experience! I'm so happy to have won something like this. It was definitely a competition worth entering.

The premiere was held in Village Cinemas at Crown. Since we were there we decided to have dinner there as well. 

I felt like having Chicken Parma that day. It was my first time trying it and I think I may go back for more. :)

Look, it's a heart shaped parma. Nawww :)

It was 5.30pm and the red carpet was all ready with the press peeps gathered in front of the stage.

Her fans were already gathered at the side waiting for Sarah Jessica Parker's arrival. Most have posters, postcards and a book for her to sign on. Some came with presents as well! 

I wanted to stay and get her signature or a picture with her before we went into the cinemas but we figured we should line up like the rest for the screening, just in case we miss out on anything.

Tweeting away while queuing up to "walk the red carpet".
The only bright item I currently have in my wardrobe is this green sweater. 
I couldn't find my pink skirt from Zara, I  must've left it back home.

We waited for around 15 minutes or so to get in. 
Now I know how a celebrity feels when they walk the red carpet-HAHA. (minus the blinding flashes from cameras, fans screaming and crazy fans wanting to hug you - it was like that when SJP walked in)

There was another press stage upstairs where the cinema is. I was so tempted to join them and wait for SJP but the bouncers looked so scary I just powered through to where the cinema room is.

Upon arrival to the cinema room, we were given complimentary drinks provided by Schweppes. There were also complimentary popcorns sitting on the seats.

Happy people waiting for SJP's arrival and the movie to start.

We watched the red carpet arrivals at the comfort of our cinema seats and taking pictures while we're at it. It was the first time I ever snapped pictures in a cinema, usually they are pretty strict with cameras.

At 6pm sharp, Sarah Jessica Parker arrived in this beautiful Prabal Gurung purple and white dress. I loved the dress. It looked great on her!

I couldn't take a full picture of her dress on screen but I found a picture online. Here's the full picture of her dress. 

Pretty, isn't it? Sarah Jessica must really love Prabal Gurung. She's been spotted wearing a few Prabal Gurung's outfits recently.

It took her forever to get pass all the fans and press. When she was finally done, I thought she was going to walk straight in to the Gold Class cinema and the movie would start.

But that wasn't the case. The cameraman started walking in to the cinema and everyone started whispering. It took me a while to figure out that maybe she's coming in to the cinema!
Then she came walking down!!!
The fan girl in me was screaming inside!! Everyone in the cinema was incredibly calm it would be embarrassing if I started screaming -__-

She gave a quick speech and then off she go.

We enjoyed watching the movie. I highly recommend this movie for an all girl's outing. 
If I were to become a Mom, I want to be like Kate Reddy, her character in the movie, with a loving family and a job that I love. :)

Green sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren
Faded denim long sleeves shirt: Creem
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Wittner
Necklace: House of Harlow
 Close up of my accessories:
Turquoise ring: Bimba & Lola
Bracelets: Forever New and random Sydney market

Oh, we also brought back with us a little souvenir. Or rather, a not-so-little souvenir! 

Haha I made J ask the security if we can take one of the posters. Apparently an old man in charge was grumpy and didn't want to give it to him. One of the security guards were nice enough to 'slide' this big poster in to J's hands! Woohoo! 

I was really happy when I got it but.... now that it's in my house, I have no where to keep it. 

What should I do with it?