Travel {Photos}: Las Vegas by Day

Viva Las Vegas! *woot woot*

Vegas is such a fun place to be in. Food was cheaper, people are happier, weather is welcoming, and there are just so many things to do! So much so, I've decided to split Vegas post into two.

I'll talk about what we did in Vegas during the day in this post and the other one is during the night.

Once we landed at the airport, we were greeted by these sights:

They have pokey machines at the airport! My mom would be so happy if she knew.

We decided to stay at the Bellagio cause one of our friends told us it wasn't as expensive as it looks and she was right! :) I don't remember how much it was but definitely much cheaper than Crown Towers in Melbourne. More on the hotel later on.

Once we checked in, we explored the city straight away. It was so sunny and warm outside you really don't want to waste your time indoors!

We found this cheap all day breakfast place in Planet Hollywood called Pampas:

Steak and eggs breakfast for only $5.95!!


There's something about the Orange Juice in the US, they are SO good! Instead of my usual morning coffee, I'll have OJ instead.

The food wasn't exceptionally delicious but it was good for the price we paid.

p/s: The pineapple muffin was very yummy.

After brunch we explored the city more:

At a mall which sells all the branded and expensive goods.

Those white sculptures are actually made out of ice.

I was so tempted to put my face against it cause it was burning outside that day.

Eye catching Visual Merchandising of Prada luggage bags:

Fake NYC in Las Vegas:

Coca-cola store:

M&M world:

Pretty bar @Cosmopolitan Hotel:

Pretty cosmetic store @ Cosmopolitan Hotel:

I think there's a Wedding Chapel at every hotel in Las Vegas. This one was in the Bellagio if I'm not mistaken:

Half tix


For those of you who are travelling on a budget. This is a


place to go.

It's located near/opposite Monte Carlo Hotel, next to a market.You won't miss it.

Go there if you want discounted tickets for shows and food. Yes, you read that right. You can buy buffet tickets for a cheaper price here too!

We had our late lunch at a restaurant in Bellagio's casino called Noodles:

The food was really good!! The Thai Iced Milk Tea tasted really good but this is the first time I have a lemon wedge with my Thai Iced Tea.

It was kinda weird. O_o

That was all day 1.

Now day 2 was spent at Las Vegas premium outlets.

We took a bus provided by our Hotel to get there.

There were two outlets but apparently the North one was the best.

This is the only picture I have cause we were too busy shopping to take any pictures. :)

Day 3 was time for us to leave Las Vegas and on to New York!

We decided to have Bellagio's buffet for breakfast. I've heard that it's best in Las Vegas.

I'm not sure if it is the best but the selection of food they have was massive!

It tasted good as well.

Be sure to get there early cause you will need to queue up to get in.

Phew. That was a really long post about Las Vegas by Day. Looking at all these pictures really make me miss the good times I had when I was travelling with J.

Next up will be Las Vegas by Night.