Accidental Shoeaholic

I was cleaning out my store room on Tuesday and found out that I am a shoe-a-holic!

*insert horror emoticon*

I've always known that I have a lot of shoes, but not THIS many! (o_O)

It wasn't until I lay them all out in my living room that I realised I am, in fact, a shoe-a-holic.
There were some shoes I bought, worn them for a bit, but totally forgotten about them until I found them again on Tuesday.
Wait, these are just my Melbourne shoe collection (which excludes my boots). I also have shoes in Malaysia waiting for me to give them attention.

There were also some recently bought shoes in which I have also forgotten about.
Oh, dear.

Talking about recently bought shoes, I scored this pair of leopard print boots by Lipstick when I was shopping at DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) in Essendon 2 months back.
It was AUD 99.95 but I got them for only AUD 30! Score! :)

Another pair of boots which I scored a while ago in Hong Kong but did not have a chance to share it here. These were bought from Ted Baker at 50% discount. 

Almost 70% of the shoes you see in this picture hurts my feet (by the end of the day, I will not be able to walk properly). My feet are kinda crooked in a way, so I tend to get blisters or bruises easily. :(

Such a waste right?
That's why I have decided to give up some shoes that I love but are not in my size or can't fit me properly anymore.

First up are these lovely Melissa flats by Vivinne Westwood which I bought from the L'Oreal Fashion Weekend shopping event that I blogged about here.

These are brand new and I've never worn them before.

Second, is this pair of booties which I adore so so much but are too tight for me. I'm really sad to be letting this go but I thought it should go to someone who showcase them more often.

I'll be posting them in another blog of mine where I will be selling some of my stuff.
Please click if you are interested in those two pair shoes above.