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My magazine obsession started at a very young age. I was 12, to be exact. Can you imagine the amount of boxes filled with magazines that I have now? There's something about magazines that attracts me. I used to buy all sorts of magazines but lifestyle magazine is still my favourite. Madison magazine is one of my favourite Australian magazines that I frequently buy from my local book store. I know I'm not the only one who thinks that the cover of a magazine determines whether you want to buy a magazine or not. Madison magazine is one of those magazines which always catch my attention whenever I am browsing the magazine section because of their attractive cover.
For their December 2011 issue, Jessica Gomes is on the cover! *squeals* I love love love Jessica Gomes. I first noticed her when she appeared in a Korean music video 2 years back and now she's the new face of Australia according to Madison magazine. Naturally, when an actress or a model graces the cover of a magazine, there will be a cover story on them. I've always liked reading their cover story so I was very excited to read more about Jessica Gomes in the 'Cover' section of Madison magazine. I find it really inspiring to read on how they became so successful and the struggles they went through to be where they are today. It shows that they are just as human as us ordinary people are.

Besides the 'Cover' story article, I also like the 'Trend' section of Madison magazine. Here is where I get my fashion inspiration from. I love how they mix high fashion with high street items on a particular 'Trend' page so their readers, like me, can see the difference in pricing of similar items. This makes it easier for me when I shop in stores because I can compare my choices beforehand.

Also, I like how they published the price of designer items for their readers. Some magazines don't publish them and I usually won't bother going in store and ask how much it is because for one, if they don't publish the price, it means it is too expensive for me to purchase and two, I will most likely save up for a designer item if I know the price without the hassle of going in store to ask the price and only to leave the store empty handed and intimidated because I can't afford it.

Talking about designer items, I love this purple Gucci 1973 flap bag Madison magazine featured on the 'Trend' section. If I can be discipline and save up, I can probably get this next year. That is IF, I can ever be that disciplined.

Now, if you would excuse me, I am going to continue reading my magazine and get my Christmas presents list sorted.
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