Ad: {OPSM Sunshine Tour}

Hi everyone, I am finally back from Kuala Lumpur and I have so many things that I want to share in this space. Before I do all that, I would like to blog about a recent event that I attended, which is the OPSM Sunshine Tour in Melbourne.

I was contacted on the morning that I arrived to attend this event which was held at Southbank Spillway in Melbourne. Even though I was pretty knackered from flying the night before, I insisted on going to the event cause it sounded pretty awesome.

Free ice cream and sunnies, I'd be silly to pass that on.
Can you spot me in the video? :)

The weather was great out and OPSM couldn't have picked a better day for their Sunshine Tour event.
Upon arrival at their ice cream van, I was greeted by Michael, the PR assistant from Luxotticca and Kerrie, who were both so friendly and helpful.

Thanks to Luxottica, I had the opportunity to bring home a pair of sunnies of my choice. There were so many designer brands sunglasses on the table it was really hard for me to pick which one I like.

Michael and Kerrie narrowed it down to Ray Ban Wayfarers and Burberry sunglasses for me.

I loved the Ray Ban's but thought the Burberry ones suit my face shape better so I took the Burberry sunnies home with me. *Yeay!*

After grabbing my new sunnies, I headed over to the photographer's section to get my pictures taken for OPSM's facebook page. They are having a 'face of OPSM' competition where the picture with the most likes win a pair of designer sunglasses.

It was such a fun event, I can't believe I almost decline the invitation. I met some bloggers during the event and they were really nice to talk to. It was my first time meeting other bloggers and I must say, it's really refreshing to get out of my own little bubble and socialise with people who owns a blog.

I met Calvin from Vanity Press (who gave me a business card for his blog! I want one for accidentalencounters now!). This guy has a wicked sense of style, he was dressed almost from head to toe in Topshop!

I also met Sabine from who by the way has a sexy French accent and takes really good pictures. She was kind enough to send me a portrait picture she took of me. Thank you Sabine! :)

Thank you OPSM for the invite, I had the best time! :)

We all *heart* OPSM :)

sQ6BPl on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
To the left, to the right, and back to the middle :)

For those of you in Australia, don't miss out on the opportunity to catch OPSM's ice cream van. They could be coming near you very soon. Please visit their facebook page for more information on their Sunshine Tour. They will be in Geelong on Saturday 10th Dec from 9am onwards. You can also download a $50 voucher which you can redeem at any OPSM store.

Some pictures I took of my new spanking Burberry Nude sunglasses:

My outfit for the day.
I've got lots of compliment on my Lovisa chain necklace during the event. :)
Thank you Calvin for the outfit picture!
Sunglasses: Burberry
Maxi dress: Kitschen
Shoes: Wittner
Necklace: Lovisa

So what do you think of my new Burberry sunglasses? :)