Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year everyone!
Hope 2011 was kind to you and 2012 will be even better!
It's so warm and hot in Melbourne now on New Year's Eve.
Perfect day for parties and just lazing on the beach.
I will be celebrating with friends on the 1st instead of today.
Today will be a relaxing day for me and I'll be having a quiet countdown at home.

2011 was the year I started blogging actively again and I gotta say, I love every second of it. I've met so many different people on the blogsophere and it's always nice to find someone who shares the same passion or interest as you. Not only that, I've gained quite a number of readers this year and it really did made my year to know that others enjoy reading what I have to say or share.

Going through my stats, here are my Top 5 popular posts for 2011:

1) Colour block: Gucci Spring 2011
2) Of Japanese Food and Kracie's Poppin' Cookin'
3) Groomy toiletry bags and accessories
4) Sereni & Shentel: Custom Blair
5) Vintage Tea Party

2011 was also the year I decided to make a big change, career wise. It was a tough decision leaving what I could have had, but I did not regret quitting my job and following my heart. I'm still searching for my true passion and I can feel that I'm getting closer to it.
Let's hope 2012 will help me achieve that.

Goodbye 2011, I've had ups and downs with you but no regrets nonetheless.
Hello 2012, please treat me kindly.


What's your New Year's resolution for 2012?