As a bridesmaid

Remember this post I wrote about a Malay solemnisation ceremony I was part of?
This is a continuation of the post.

It was my first time being a bridesmaid and I was so excited to finally get a chance to be one! 
Wearing pretty dresses, getting dolled up and all that.
Little did I know, behind all the glamour, is chaos! 
There were so many last minute things to be done. 
  • Collecting materials for the bridesmaid's dress, 
  • finding a good tailor, 
  • getting my measurements done, 
  • booking hair and make up appointments, 
  • shopping for accessories to go with the dress and the list goes on.

Being in Melbourne most of the time didn't help the situation as well. (Both the bride and groom's reception were in Kuala Lumpur). Thank God a friend of mine, Aimi, was there to help me find a good and trustable tailor in back home in KL. Phew, one less thing to worry about. 

The bride's wedding reception was held at the Mandarin Oriental's ballroom in the KL city centre. It was only a short walking distance to KLCC so we decided to have our make up done there. Due to the time constraint, we decided to help do each others hair to save time. In between our make up appointment, we had to go for rehearsals as well. 

Alia, Phoebe and I before and after make up: 

Our make up were done by Burberry's make up artist. I think I look quite different with the make up she put on me. It was really heavy and this is the first time I had so much bronzer on my face! 
Even after she was done with my make up, she kept on touching up my make up with MORE bronzer. 
But I gotta say, I quite like the bronzer effect on me. It gives a healthy glow to my otherwise, pale face.

The "Pelamin" or better known as the wedding dais, is a usual at a traditional Malay wedding. 

Some pictures of me in my bridesmaid dress:
I love the colour choice and also the pretty lace for the crop top. I can see myself wearing it again with a pair of high waisted shorts or skirt.

J bought himself a traditional Malay attire in matching colours as my dress just for the wedding:

Ajjie, me, Alia and Vivy, who so kindly brought along a dress I bought at the last minute for the groom's reception.

The bride's heavily embellished dress which was designed by a Malaysian designer. She looked absolutely stunning in it. I especially love the back of the dress:

All the bridesmaids and the happily married couple:
Even though it was hectic, I had lots of fun with the other bridesmaids. Most of us stayed a night at the Mandarin and had mini sleepover session in our room late at night snacking on McDonald's.

If you're interested, watch the video below for some snippets of their wedding.
See if you can spot me