Ad: {Dea Rosa SS 2012 Collection review}

I've always loved discovering new and upcoming designer brands in the fashion scene. Recently, I have discovered Dea Rosa's amazing Italian made leather fashion accessories. I was asked to do a review on their latest Spring/Summer collection and I couldn't be more excited! I love the colours and designs of their latest accessories. They are so vibrant and colourful. Best of all, they have my favourite all time fashion accessory; large clutches.

Their recent Spring Summer collection is called "Wanderlista". A Wanderlista is led by the winds, her travels dictated by the gods. As the summer sun whiles away the magical hours playing with the winds that blow in a thousand forms, Mitsakos is able to capture the essence of the Aegean. In Greece everything is borne by the winds. The winds carry dreams, the winds refresh, the winds create and the winds bear our future. Their mythical names enchanting people, places, ships, sirens, Zefyros, Apilotis, Evros, Livas, Maistros.

My favourite item out of their Spring/Summer collection has to be the oversized red clutch! :) 
Absolutely love the luscious red colour. For those of you residing in New York and Miami Beach, lucky for you, they have do stock their products at a few boutiques there.

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