Fashion: Cathleen Jia Autumn/Winter 2012 launch

I was very fortunate to be able to attend Cathleen Jia's Autumn/Winter 2012 launch on a perfect sunny Sunday afternoon. Many thanks to a dear blogger friend, Calvin from Vanity-Press, who invited me along for the launch.

Cathleen Jia is a Melbourne based fashion label owned by designer Cathleen Tan and was founded in 2011. Her recent collection, Première, is very glamourous, classy and flirtatious all at the same time. I had such a pleasure viewing her collection. Every piece was exceptionally made and the colour palette that she used was just beautiful. My current favourite colour, lime green, is also used in her collection.

The event took place at Domain Flowers, yes you read that right, at a florist. It was the perfect venue for her Première collection. The whole area was decorated with beautiful flowers of all sorts and it totally made me go "ooo" and "aaa" over them. I absolutely love flowers and I couldn't help myself from taking hundreds of pictures of those flowers.

Before the showcase of Cathleen Jia's collection, the guests were served cupcakes by Cupcake Central which looked almost too pretty to be eaten. I was famished by the time I arrived at the event, so I had 2 cupcakes! They were so delicious.

After 20 minutes or so mingling around with the fashionable crowd, the showcase started. A model dressed in Cathleen Jia's 'Miss Audrey' lime green silk satin long dress with one shoulder bow came strutting out from the back and posed on a mini podium. For every dress that she came out in, she posed and stood there for a good 5 minutes so everyone had a good look at Cathleen Jia's design, which I thought was a good concept. You can see how intricate the detailing were on the her designs. All her designs were handmade by the designer herself. 

Designer Cathleen Tan with her model wearing Miss Audrey.

Model wearing Lady Clara Bow 

Model wearing Dame Ava

The dress below is actually my favourite design out of all the designs in this collection. She has this dress in lime green as well. It would make the perfect dress for a romantic date or a cocktail party.

Model wearing Sweetheart Lillian

Cathleen Jia also makes fashion accessories. Some of the accessories were used to decorate tree branches around Domain Flowers.

Sweetheart lace tulle wrap

The crowd at the event was a very fashionable one. I had a good time mingling around and getting to know more people at the event. It was so nice to be able to meet those people who I've been following on twitter and whose blog I've been visiting regularly. Highlight of the day was when Cecylia, a true Aussie fashionista, commented that she liked my top.

Max and Calvin
Max, Designer from Elgar and Lyle, Designer from Margery Daw
I couldn't take my eyes off the Elgar and Lyle woodland necklace that the designer himself was wearing.

When she came walking in, I couldn't help but notice her Chloe dress.
It's so pretty. I could only dream of owning a dress like that.

Lisa Teh from Couturing's Tony Bianco heels also caught my eye.

Calvin and Tish from MisterMode

Thom Whilton, Cathleen Jia and Lisa Teh
Thanks to the talented duos from Couturing for organising such a lovely event. As always, it was a success and all the guests had a great time.

Below are some pictures with me in it which I took from other bloggers who covered the event. The images will be sourced accordingly.

Emily, Calvin and I


Tish, Gwenda (who by the way sings so well) & I

Calvin, Lisa and I

Calvin, Max & I

Cathleen Jia's dresses are available online and also at her Melbourne studio. Do call and book for an appointment if you are interested in buying her dresses. I promise she won't bite. She is so friendly and as cute as a button!

What I wore for the event- Outfit details:

Floral sheer top- Communique
Cigarette pants- Mossman

Close up shot of my top. I love the detailing of it. The minute I saw it hanging on the racks, I knew I had to get it.

Clutch- Miu Miu
Ring (left)- YSL Arty Ring in coral Ring (right)- LowLuv
Bracelet- Bimba & Lola

I hope you've enjoyed reading this extra long post!
Have a lovely day ahead peeps!