Fashion: Holst +Lee jewelry

Please brace yourself for some serious tribal eye candy!

Shopbop just introduced Holst + Lee to their customers and I am instantly blown away.
I want every single piece of their design! These accessories are designed and handmade by two designers based in NYC, Rochelle Lee and Natalie Holst. They took all their crafty bits and pieces, put them all on the table and came up with these amazing pieces. If only I am half as talented as them...I wouldn't be drooling over my keyboard right now.

Here are a few of my favourites:
Double Tiered Necklace in Cooper Town
AUD 404
Double Tiered Necklace in Kingston Bay
AUD 404
Secret Garden Bracelet in Cobalt Blue Multi
AUD 150.66

I love how it looks tribal but still has a modern touch to it. My favourite would be the first picture I posted above. These accessories aren't exactly affordable for me now but one day, I shall be able to afford gems like these! :)

Holst + Lee, yay or nay for you?

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