New Gadget

Some of you may have noticed the influx of updates on my blog recently.
This is because I got myself a spanking new gadget to play with.

Meet my new Mac book pro:

I've been wanting to get a new laptop for a while now. The only laptop I have is my old Dell inspiron which I bought back in 2004 (8 years!!) and has been made redundant ever since I got an iMac for my 21st birthday.

Even though I have an iPad 2, it's still not enough for me when I travel around. It's also hard for me to edit my pictures on my iPad, hence the lack of updates on this blog whenever I travel.

I had a choice between the Mac Book Air or Pro. Many said that Pro was the way to go because it's much more powerful. I couldn't have agreed more even though I love the sleekness and lightness of the Air.

Stay tune for many more updates to come! :)