Ombre Hair

I finally gathered up the courage to bleach my hair again! The last time I did it was back in 2007 and I had a hard time maintaining my hair then. This time around though, I only did it to the ends of my hair so it's not too bad and I can always chop them off if I don't like it.

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, you would have known that I was contemplating on whether to dye my hair or not. I've always liked the ombre effect on hair and thought I should give it a go. My cousin who works as a hair dresser was nice enough to do this for me for a very cheap price (approximately Aud 25). You can't even get a hair cut for Aud 25 at a salon. It's so nice to have talented people in your family. I showed Jess some of my inspiration pictures, she did her magic and voila! Ombre hair! :)

If you reside in Kuala Lumpur and would like to go to her for her services please do send me an email. I'd be happy to forward you her details. Her prices are very reasonable, I promise, as she's the sole person working in her small salon. 

Here are some pictures I would like to share with you lot.

The bleaching process:

I had to bleach my hair twice because my hair (even after dying it recently) is hard to discolour. 

 The red/purple/pink dye:

I told her to also dye above the bleached hair area so I could get a more 'natural' effect rather than a big chunk of reddish purple on my hair.

The result of my hair after all that bleaching and dying. 

Please note that the colour of the pictures beyond here aren't edited.

Under yellow light it looks like this:

 Under yellow lights as well, with camera flash:

I got scared when I saw the above picture! *gasp*

Thankfully under natural lights, it looks fine. 

The pictures below were taken with my Mac Book Pro's webcam. Please also do note that the colours in the below pictures aren't edited. 

Just a gif I made of my new hair: 

I know some of you may be sick of this ombre hair trend sticking around for too long and some may associate it with trashy teenagers but I really do love my new hair!

Hopefully the dye doesn't come off too soon. 

So what do you think?