Fashion: {LMFF} Von Follies by Dita Von Teese for Target

Thanks to the lovely girls from Style Counsel, I had the opportunity to attend Dita Von Teese, the famous burlesque dancer's Von Follies lingerie launch at Urban Target on Chapel Street.


I am sure most of you already know who she is, but if you don't, she is a celebrity burlesque dancer known for her poise and primp look (and also Marilyn Manson's ex wife.) She was in Melbourne for the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival to launch her lingerie line, Von Follies, and also walk her own runway show at Central Pier, Docklands.

Upon arrival at the media pit, the whole front area of Urban for Target was filled with reporters, photographers, writers and most importantly, her fans! Most of her fans, like her, also donned the vintage 50's look, with perfectly curled hair, red lips and midi length dresses/skirts.

The host for the event told us what to and not to do during the event. Her publicists were very strict with 'no pictures' rule during Q& A.

Dita arrived at the venue looking perfectly groomed as usual, wearing a purple knee length dress, with her Von Follies bra peeking out from her dress, Louboutin lace heels, perfectly curled hair and red lips. I love how she added the purple hydrangea patch to her dress.
For someone who does burlesque, she is surprisingly shy. In person, she is very petite and slim. In pictures however, she appears taller and bigger. I guess it's true when they say the camera makes you look 10 times the size you actually are.

During the interview, Dita said that the bra she was wearing is her favourite and that she wears it all the time. When asked why, she said it was because she loves vintage bras which has over-wires like the bra she wore in the pictures and she loves the structure of it. She finds that it is hard to find them now and she would want to make it more accessible.

Dita draws inspiration from her vintage lingerie that she owns and buys off eBay. Most of them are  of 50's style lingerie, like the plunging over-wire bra.

Dita didn't just use mainstream skinny models to showcase her lingerie line, she wanted to appeal to women of all shapes and sizes.

After the interview, the first 50 fans get to meet and greet Dita. This lady below was there from 5am!
She was also wearing Dita's favourite plunging over-wire bras, which I thought was really sweet.

This other lady, who left Dita with all smiles was too adorable. Her name is Zonica and doesn't her whole outfit/look reminds you of Betty Boop?

Here's a runway shot of Dita and her models in Von Follies lingerie:

This show was the highlight of the LMFF 2012 festival. I wish I was there to see it live and see Dita walk down the runway.

During the event, I met a fellow Melbourne fashion blogger, whom I haven't heard of until the event! Her blog and eBay store is just amazing!

Meet Twee from Ezzentric Topz.

Pic was sourced from ezzentrictopz & edited by me

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