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Have you ever wondered what it's like behind-the-scenes in our Production Department at  Well, wonder no more as I will take you through a photography journey on what it is like here at our head quarter.
We would normally kick start our morning with a cup of coffee while checking emails and editing photos.

During uploads, we are required to bring our new products out and describe them.  I have a love hate relationship with this process. Not because of the nature of the task, but because when you bring a new product out, 90% of the time, you would want to buy it for yourself. I love looking at new products, but I hate how I want to keep it all to myself after!
Every time a new product is brought to me, I have to fight the temptation to purchase it . Mind you, this is actually extremely hard to do if you're born a shopaholic!
Kiss & Tell Floral Pumps
Mama Manja Products
Our production team is fairly small. In total, we have approximately 4 people working in it.
We have Kim (Production Exec) & Lisa (the headless model).
Vivy is in Production as well. (Yes, she really is!)
Behind all the magazine covers, photoshoots and interviews, Vivy does actual work too in our production department.
Not forgetting Nina, one of our hardworking interns. Yeah, she doesn't seem all that hardworking in the picture above, but we can assure you that she is indeed hardworking.
Before a photo shoot begins here at our studio, products are laid out on racks and the mix and match begins!
Don't you just love looking at colourful racks of clothing? We do!:)
Now, we may look all serious in our headless pictures on the website but we really are a happy bunch behind the camera.
We often get visitors in our studio from other departments. Here we have Asma' working those colourful ColoRiot shoes.
The studio also makes a great space for us to express our feelings. Below you can see Nani, Sarah and Kim getting excited over a certain KPop band coming to Malaysia.

We hope you've got a glimpse on what it's like here at our HQ and have enjoyed our photos.
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