Food : Rodhi Ghar Groupon Review

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Have you ever tried dumplings made with indian spices? I haven't until recently.
The dumplings that I am used to eating are strictly Chinese, like "Xiao Long Bao's" and the usual Yum Cha dishes at a Chinese restaurant.

I had the opportunity to try out a restaurant on Lygon Street called Rodhi Ghar, thanks to smarterdailydeal.

Rodhi Ghar is a Nepalese fusion restaurant. That explains their dumplings with indian spices. The coupon deal  I had was the "All you can dumplings for two with a beer each" for AUD 78.00.

True to it's voucher, we had unlimited bowls of uber yummy indian dumplings with a beer each!
Not only that, we had great table service too. The staff who served us was very attentive. Every time our dumplings bowl were almost empty, she will come around and ask us if we want some more to which we said "Yes please!"

My brother and I had 3 big bowls of dumplings! I was full to the brim during our 2nd bowl of dumplings.
They have a policy of only refilling your bowls when it's empty. It's fair enough. If you can't finish it why waste food right?

We had such a great time at Rodhi Ghar.
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