Guest Post #5: Neon and Pastels

Neon is still as big as ever this season, and with all the rain and terrible weather we’ve been having lately, bright outfits have given us something to look forward to! Colour continues to be a strong trend throughout SS12, as spring pastels come out to play with vibrant neons in anticipation of the summer sun. Some of you may have not yet taken the plunge into 2012’s colourful palette, but there’s nothing stopping you now; with thousands of outfits and looks out there you have no excuse not to try it out!

If you need a helping hand, we’ve put together a few outfit ideas to ease you into a brighter wardrobe without any fashion faux pas.

First, a warning: Neon is addictive. Once you’ve started you won’t be able to stop, and that neon monkey on your back is difficult to shake off (personal experience!) so you need to start limiting yourself once you’ve got a good collection built up. Some neons are easier to work than others, for example, one neon yellow/green top is plenty, because that particular colour is going to be so difficult to work into your outfits once neon is thrown back out into the fashion wilderness. Pinks, blues and oranges are fair game though, so go crazy with those! They can be toned down for almost any situation, and they’ll liven up even the most boring outfit for a night out or special occasion. 

Pastels are cute – too cute. If you can work the pretty look without looking pretty babyish, go for it, but the rest of us need to toughen it up a bit with a biker jacket or black skinnies. Studs are perfect for pulling an outfit back from looking too cutesy, so pay attention to anything studded and evil looking – remember, you’ll be wearing the sweetest baby pinks and blues with it, so you’re in no danger of looking like you’re back in your teen-angst gothic phase (we all had one!). Try to balance both looks out with the right accessories, and choose some tough shoes to bring the look together and keep your outfit looking fresh.