SHERAW Exhibition & Pins by Lydra

I was so excited when I got invites to the SHERAW exhibition at Brunswick a couple of weeks ago. I blogged about it here before, if you want more information about it. The exhibition showcased 41 beautiful portraits of real women photographed by the talented photographer, Lili Waters.

Don't be deceived by the photo of the venue below. The space was packed to the brim after 20 minutes! Luckily I got there on time to get some shots of her beautiful photography.

I brought along my fellow fashion blogger friend, Twee, from EzzentricTopz to the event. Twee looking very stylish, snapping away as usual.

This picture below has to be my favourite out of all the portraits. I loved how the chalk dust sprinkles away from her hair when she shakes it off.

Somehow this picture below reminds me of myself, with the pooch and all those shoes!

Samantha, the awesome media guru from Lydra and us. She was so friendly and kept on checking on us to make we are alright, such a sweetheart that girl.

Meet Lili Waters, the talented photographer. It was so nice to see she has so many friends and family supporting her work.

Models working those awesome Lydra leggings. I would love to own one of these, but unfortunately it was over my budget. Maybe next time when I earn a little more I would get them! :)

If you are interested in these leggings, be sure to check out their website and facebook page for more info!

Outfit post for SHERAW event soon! :)