What I Wore : LMFF #2

This is an old outfit post that I never got around to posting. So here it is! :)

What I wore for 3 events I attended during the 2012 LMFF:

Sequin Sweater: Seed

Maroon tappered pants: Promod UK

Black Suede Heels: Tony Bianco 

Neon Green Collared Shirt (Worn underneath sweater): Gmarket

Bag: Random wholesale mall

Ring (left): YSL Arty in Coral

Ring (right): LowLuv by Erin Wasson

Sunnies: Vincci

Floral Top: Miss Selfridge

Green Midi Skirt: ASOS

I was contemplating whether to put this picture up or not cause my eyes look so sleepy in this picture (due to the blinding flash at night) but I thought, what the hell, might as well. I get really awkward when someone else takes a picture of me, by myself.

Do you have the same problem?

The shots below are taken by

Sabine from Sabine L. Photography:

accidental encounters
accidental encounters

Ring: YSL Arty in Coral

Bag: Marc Jacobs