BTS : Working on a Sunday

Just finished a post for my work blog about a tv shoot we had to do on a Sunday. It was all about statement bib necklaces. I love how I have the first look on all the statement necklaces we have in the office before it's available to the public! That's the favourite part of my job. :)

Here are some styled outfit me and colleague came up with for the shoot:


Antyk Butyk Fitrop Necklace

Matahari Kora Necklace

Cucito Cassiel Necklace

Antyk Butyk Zelda Necklace

Everything you see in the pictures are from


For the full post head on over to


What do you think of the outfits and the statement necklaces?

My personal favourite would the Antyk Butyk Fitrop statement necklace. It's so colourful, pretty and vibrant! :)