Travel: NYC Part 1

I've dreamed about visiting New York for the longest time. Lucky for me, NYC was in our list of places to go when

we were in the USA

. I am so glad we finally made it to NYC!


I loved it there! You should've seen my face when I was at Times Square during night time. My jaw was open for a good 10 secs, just absorbing it all in!

Let's start with the cab ride to our hotel.

Check out the interior of their cabs. There's a tv screen at the back seat with a map and small screen for advertisements. That was my first time seeing a tv screen like that in a cab. I thought it was pretty cool.

We stayed at

The Pod Hotel

in New York. It wasn't right smack in the city centre but it was close enough. Hotels in NYC is ridiculously expensive as compared to other places like Las Vegas and L.A. I'm so glad J convinced me to give this hotel a go. I was little bit skeptical at first cause we had to share toilets! Oh, the horror! 

We booked for a hotel without a private toilet but somehow we were lucky enough to get one with, at a cheaper rate. Score! :) 

I loved our little hotel. It wasn't the most luxurious but it was so cosy and comfortable. We loved it so much, we decided to cancel our reservation at a fancier hotel! 

p/s: The shared toilets/bath are super duper clean! For me, as long as the toilets are clean, I'm good! :)

The Pod Hotel

230 East 51st Street  New York, NY 10022, United States

(212) 355-0300

Some pictures of our accommodation:

The concierge was so helpful. Every day there would be a good looking lady at the table ready to help you, whatever it is. We've gotten to so many travelling tips from them. It made our stay in New York so much more comfortable.

Our humble sized room with bunk beds & tv each! It was so cool! I've never stayed in a hotel room which has a bunk bed like this! The kid inside me jumped up and down numerous time.

There was also free wi-fi everywhere in the hotel, which is always a plus for me.

The shower was tiny but I can't complain. It was squeaky clean!

My favourite part of the hotel would be the backyard-hanging-out-area. It is so picturesque, especially at night when the fairy lights were turned on.

On the first day, we arrived late in the evening so we didn't get to do much except dined in at a nearby Thai restaurant and walked around our area for an hour or so. 

The next day, we woke up bright and early to officially start our day in NYC! Of course, Times Square was the first place we went. It was also because we wanted to buy tickets from Half Tix but the queue was massive! It also started to rain so we didn't end up buying any. Most of the shows we wanted to watch were all sold out! So we opt for a smaller broadway show called "Rock of Ages". It was my first broadway show and I have to say, it was pretty amazing!

Times Square:

Lunch was at an Italian chain restaurant called 'La Famigilia'. They served pretty decent Italian food for an affordable price.

After lunch we walked around the city for a bit and ended up in Columbus Circle. There was a mall nearby so I decided to check it out!

Look at the their version of the infamous 'Feng Shui Kitty':

Talking about kitties, I really wanted this limited edition Hello Kitty mirror compact but decided against it cause.....

 ... I wanted to shop at H&M! That was a very wise decision, because I went crazy in there!

I saw, I liked, I bought! 

Everything was so cheap.

On the way to H&M, I met some very hot male models outside of Hollister. I couldn't help but asked my boyfriend to help snap a picture for me, which he gladly did! :) 


Since we couldn't get any tickets from Half Tix, we decided to buy normal priced tickets for 'Rock of Ages' at one of their ticketing outlet. It happened to be at an old vintage building with pretty decor inside:

That's all for NYC:Part 1. 

Stay tuned for Part 2: MoMA - Museum of Modern Arts.