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I don't know about you, but I often find it hard to shop for men's gift. Unlike women, it's so easy to shop for us. Best gift would be to give us a credit card and we'll love you forever! (I'm kidding! or am I? hehe)

There are 3 men in my life, that I need to buy presents for each year and they are my Dad, my brother and my boyfriend.
Every time during their birthday, I always find myself cracking my head, hard,  thinking of what to buy for them. I tried searching for "Men's Gift" online, but all you get are those random online shops which sell random things, like laser flash light key chain or chocolate hamper! Seriously, chocolate hamper for men? I don't think so..

So I've decided to compile a 'Top 5 Men's Gift List' here, courtesy of Big W.

Top 5 Gifts for Men:

1. Play Station 3/ Xbox 360- you can never go wrong this. Men love this, no matter how old they are.

2. Xbox 360PS3 Games - Buy them the above and the following year, get them more games!
Forward planning ladies.

3. LED Television- The bigger, the better. Without this, the 2 gifts above won't be as fun for them.

4. Toolbox - You know how they say men like to fix things? (literally & emotionally) This is the perfect tool to keep them occupy.

5. Underwear - My favourite thing to buy for my Dad, brother and boyfriend. It's easy, they use it on a daily basis and it's so practical.

Do you find it hard to shop for men too?
What do you normally get for them?