Fashion {MSFW}: Review Show @ City Square

Just went through all the pictures for the Review show and their collection is so pretty! I absolutely love the floral peplum dress and the monochrome dresses! Review always make such pretty dresses. 

Take a look at the article below on the recent Review show.


Written by Calvin C. from

Lady is the keyword to the entire Review spring collection and when I say lady, think lace, frills, floral and pastel hues.

Or you can just imagine a highly sophisticated spring race back in the days where bandeau and mini dresses are not allowed. Everything just barely grazes the knee and never higher than that.

From the blur laced floral dress to the geometric pastel print dress, everything was sweet and too nice to fathom, which is why comes the slightly bolder separates in neon striking floral prints and neon tops.

And even with the dresses, in order to balance out the sweetness, a little spice in form of patent skinny belts were placed neatly high waisted. It gives edge and also accentuates the curves on the wearer.

To celebrate spring, Review also released a series of limited edition dresses to top that sugary collection.

So ladies, gear up on those pastel loves and the races are only a hop and a skip away.