#ChurpOut2012 & Fashion Valet's Fashion Show

After a whole day of running around all sweaty and gross, I'm so glad the event turned out great! 
The event organizers did a good job in organizing the whole event and on our part, I think we did a good job preparing for it too. 

My main concern was the Fashion Show that night. I've been back stage at fashion shows before and trust me, if it's not organized properly things can go horribly wrong!

We did the prep work 2 weeks before the show and only started accessorising the outfits the night before. For me, I prefer to lay out the outfit so I can picture it better. Visualizing it in my head just doesn't work for me.

Our fashion show's flat lay look below:

The above look book or reference was so crucial! Without it, we wouldn't have survived the night. As much as you remember the outfits you've put together, when the actual show begins, all hell breaks lose and you will forget something!

Thank God the show went smoothly at the front end even though backstage was pretty chaotic. We even had time to watch the finale walk of all the models together. Smoothest fashion show ever!

Some pictures of the models in FashionValet's clothing that night:

Picture taken from ChurpChurp

I love Asma's transition of colours for all the outfits. 

Our booth session was heaps of fun too. We got fed and was well taken care by both our bosses who ran around to get us food! :) Also, it's always nice to talk to returning customers and see both familiar and new faces. I managed to sell heaps of stuff that day. I gotta say, having work experience  as a retail assistant before comes in handy.

Marissa and I mending our booth. I tried my best to make the accessories table look attractive and pretty.

Happy faces after a long day of work:

My outfit of the day:
SPOTLIGHT kimono cardigan - FashionValet.net
Necklace - Bangkok
Pants - Promod
Accessories of the day consists of stolen neon bracelet from Asma', favourite gold spikes bracelet from gmarket, Mimi bracelet from FashionValet and both rings from LowLuv by Erin Wasson.

Wearing Dior Addict's lip glow. The lip balm which makes you look like you have lipstick on and glides on oh, so smoothly. The colour differs on each and every person depending on your natural lip colour. Absolutely love this product!

Hope your weekend was as eventful as mine, if not better! :)