Guest Post #6: 10 tips for silky smooth skin

10 tips for silky smooth skin

When it comes to maintaining healthy and happy skin, every season presents a new challenge. During the winter months the chilly conditions leave us with dry and chapped skin. Yet during the long days of summer, days at the beach can lead to UV damage and ageing.

If you’re feeling the effects of the season and want to rejuvenate your skin, here’s a look at 10 easy ways to keep it looking silky and smooth.

1.  Exfoliate

Exfoliating means removing the dry, dead skin cells from the surface of your body. It’s an absolute must for unlocking the younger and healthier skin underneath.

2.  Moisturise

Regular moisturising with a good quality product is essential for keeping your skin looking healthy and supple. Always moisturise after shaving and exfoliating to keep your skin cells from becoming irritated. Regular moisturising can also help to diminish age spots and wrinkles.

3.  Buy a good quality razor

Dragging a dull, old razor blade across your skin causes irritation that can lead to unsightly rashes and discomfort. Purchase a good quality razor to minimize the damage to your skin and to achieve a smoother, finer shave.

4. Steam baths

Steam is one of nature’s best kept secrets when it comes to refreshing your skin. A steam bath will unlock your pores and remove unwanted impurities, leaving you looking and feeling 5 years younger.

5.  Sunscreen

Sun and UV exposure are not only a cause of dry, damaged skin, they also lead to 2 out of 3 Australians experiencing skin cancer by the age of 70. Always purchase SPF 30+ products and make sure your cosmetics and foundations all include sun protection.

6.  Beat the cold

While the Australian winter might be pretty mild, the cooler conditions still play havoc with our skin. Dry, patchy and scaly skin are all common complaints during the cooler months. Opt for a replenishing moisturiser and pay particular attention to the parts of the body most exposed – like your hands, ears and lips. A good quality lip balm is also invaluable from April through to October.

7.  Cover up

Sunscreen can only do so much to protect your skin, but if you want to keep it looking healthy for longer, you need to wear a hat. This extra protection from the harmful UV rays can mean silky smooth skin now and fewer wrinkles in the future.

8.  Bathing essentials

Choosing the right lotions and bathing products can help to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised following a wash. Choose a bath product that has a pH level that is compatible with your body and opt for a rejuvenating milk-based lotion.

9.  Eat right

Beautiful skin starts on the inside and moderating your diet can go a long way towards maintaining a happy, healthy glow. Some of the foods to pop in the shopping trolley include avocados, which are packed with essential oils and B-complex vitamins. Mangoes, containing 80% of your Vitamin A and almonds containing Vitamin E are also excellent for your complexion, as are oysters, cherries, mushrooms and flaxseed oils.

10.     Fake it

If a tan is an essential part of your beauty regime, then save your skin some damage by reaching for the fake tan bottle. Fake tan products have come a long way in recent years, producing a realistic and streak free end result. Best of all you can create a fake tan almost instantly, regardless of the season.