Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 Gala Night

First off, congratulations to Carey for winning the Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 title! 
I was rooting for Natalia and was a tad disappointed that she didn't win the title but both Carey and Natalia were my favourites so it's all good.

I'm so proud of FashionValet for being the main presenter of the show. It feels so good to be part of something like this and part of such an awesome company and team. 

All of us at FV got invited to the Miss Universe Malaysia Finale Gala Night. It was my first time attending a live TV show event and it was definitely an eye opener for me.

After work at 5.30 p.m we all rushed out of our office, all clad in our evening gowns and suit ready to brave the massive traffic jam. 
When you're stuck in traffic and you have nothing else to do, what do you do?
Take a test shot of yourself. :) 

Come on, it's the best way to make sure you don't look like a clown when someone else is taking your picture. It's a perfectly legitimate reason to take pictures of yourself!

Balqis and I

After an hour or so, we finally reached our destination in Setia City Convention Centre. The whole area was so modern and beautiful. It reminded me of the suburbs in Melbourne where there's a huge mall in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees and plenty of parking spots! 

Sam and I. 
Sam was so kind to drop us from and back to the office. He made sure both Balqis and I got in to our car safely before he left.

Le sigh, so lucky to be surrounded by kind hearted people.

We were all there waiting to be seated but it took a while for the hall to be ready so we took pictures instead. 
Lots and lots.. and LOTS of pictures!

Here are some pictures of my awesome FV team! #fvteam

The bosses
I'm so glad Rus and I convinced Vivy to wear this printed dress by Mimpikita. She hardly wears print, especially a full on printed number. Doesn't she look gorgeous?

My chinese gf Jasmine and I.
Jasmine is wearing INNAI's dress. I love the diamante details on this dress. Click on this link to purchase this dress while stocks last! (ehem* I really should be getting paid for this!)

M,J & K

And then the show began. 
We were seated somewhere in the middle behind a whole platform of photographers. It was pretty impossible to see the stage but thank God for the screen projector.

The show kicked off with a bikini runway show which wasn't aired on TV. I have to say, all of the contestants have a pretty smacking body! They all looked so good in their itsy bitsy bikini. 

Fashion Valet sponsored most of the clothes for the event, including the MC's dress by Syomir Izwa.
Will Quah and Julie Woon
All of the pretty dresses backstage during the show.

They are all so beautifully designed. So much hard work and effort went on behind the scenes to get all of these dresses. I'm so glad it was all worth it in the end. The girls looked stunning in these!

The girls clad in INNAI, PU3 and Mimpikita gowns.

My favourite dress would the one that Carey is wearing. I love the whole Grecian Goddess vibe that the dress exudes. I think I might just get Nurul from Mimpikita to make one for me.

More pictures from the night!
Our gorgeous model, Intan and I
My Fucshia ring

Balqis, Nani and I during the commercial break.

That's all the pictures from the event. It ended close to midnight and we were all so tired by then but I'm glad I got to be part of it. Everything was great except for the food, which was quite blah, but let's not go into details with that one.

What I wore for the event:

Dress - Seduce
Necklace - Janelle (currently sold out)

Gold skull ring -Fuchsia 

Bag- Marc Jacobs
Shoes - Tony Bianco

Not my Prada clutch

 Hope you enjoyed reading this post!