What I Wore :Mickey + Skull

Sunglasses - BazarroKL
Neon necklace: Cangkuk via FashionValet.com (coming soon)
Mickey Skull Top: gmarket
Galaxy leggings: Supre
Bag: Prada
Shoes: Kiss & Tell via FashionValet.com

Neon bracelets - Cangkuk (coming soon)
Studded bracelets- Lovisa
Silver charm bracelet- Bettina Liano
Gold and black bracelet - LVW

A different approach to how I would normally take my outfit pictures. 

I happened to be styling in the studio that day and thought I should make use of the DSLR (rather than my Samsung III). Speaking of DSLR, I bought myself a Nikon D5100!!! Woohoo! 
Hopefully it will arrive in one piece as this is the first time I'm buying a camera online. 

This skull tee is so comfy that I can actually wear it to sleep! The length is perfect to pair it with leggings. 

The ultimate lazy yet stylish outfit.