What I Wore : Adila Long Launch

I've heard of Adila Long and her famous 'Songket/Batik' clutches early of last year. Adila Long launched their first ever collection recently at Publika. Lucky me to have the opportunity to attend their launch. I've been waiting for a while now for their launch and I must say, I wasn't disappointed at all. There were so many pretty batik pieces, both RTW and also bridal. Not forgetting the one of a kind clutches which combine traditional fabric and edgy designs.

My favourite piece from Adila Long's first collection is this beautiful long fishtail back red dress. I love how it's slightly tailored and flowy at the same time. The mix of different fabric is just spot on! If only I brought my DSLR along, I could've captured better pictures. Lugging it around is quite a pain though when I'm working.

Other pieces that caught my attention:

That's all from the fashion launch. I hope they will come up with more pieces in the future :) Now I just have to save up and get their Songket clutches! 

What I wore for the launch:

Songket Blazer in Pink -

SPOTLIGHT from FashionValet.com

Pants -

Skelly in the Closet from FashionValet.com

(my 3rd pair of pants from Skelly!)

Sunburst Necklace: House of Harlow

Shoes: Vincci

Love Marissa's BCBG pants.

I thought of wearing something traditional but also modern at the same time. This jacket was perfect! I never knew we had such a beautiful jacket on FashionValet.com until I searched for the term Songket. 

My pictures taken with my Samsung S3 doesn't do this jacket justice so here's a detailed picture of it.

Retailing at only RM 170 which is approximately AUD60, it's very affordable. We only have 1 more piece left, so hurry and get one now!