What I Wore : Rizalman Haute Couture 2013

One thing I love about working at FV is that I get the chance to discover so many local talent in my home country that I've never heard of before. Rizalman Ibrahim is one of them and I should be ashamed of myself for not knowing about him before. His latest Haute Couture 2013 collection is just breathtakingly amazing. I love the heavily baroque gold detailing on some of his pieces.

Now if only I can afford any one of these.

Le sigh!

Watch the following video for a closer look at his Haute Couture 2013 collection:

What I wore for the fashion show:

Outfit details, FV wear it proud style :) 

Oh and not forgetting my favourite Skelly in the Closet pants. I swear I live in them for months!

Skelly has some new designs and they are flying out the window!

Shop them now!