Travel {Melbourne}: Salford Lads Club

At a corner of the industrial district of Port Melbourne, you will find this quaint little loft like cafe called Salford Lads Club. The last time I wanted to visit this cafe, it was closed cause I went during the weekends. They only open from Monday to Friday so if you're not working nearby, you wouldn't be able to dine here. I heard raves about their breakfast and I just had to give this cafe a go. Too bad we were half an hour late, they were serving their lunch menu already. We tried their mushroom soup, two Italian sausages and their slow cooked pork belly. The food was scrumptious, the coffee was divine and I had great company! It was a lovely day today during brunch. 

It's so nice to catch up with old friends again! In Melbourne, your close friends are sort of like your family away from home. Both my friends needed new profile pictures so we had an impromptu photo shoot! I think I did a not bad job considering the time frame I took to get these shots.

What do you think?