Travel {Sydney}: Taronga Zoo

Out of all the amazing places in Sydney, why a zoo you asked? 

Because Taronga Zoo is pretty damn amazing. Imagine a zoo up on a hill somewhere over looking Sydney city. Also, you don't just drive up to the hill, you take a cable car up to the zoo! How cool is that? Melbourne's Zoo is no where near as cool as Taronga.

Trust me, I live right behind it.

It was my second time there but I was still happy to explore it all over again. Especially looking at those cute little sleepy koalas. Too cute to pass. My favourite picture would be the one I took of the gorillas looking bored to death. There was a moment when I caught one of the gorillas eyes and I could almost feel his boredom. :( It was rather sad though, I can't imagine being cooped up in a cage all day.

What I wore:

Leather Jacket - Promod

Top - FreeFlow from

Jeans- Uniqlo