What I Wore : Lime & Lace

Cut Out Floral Top -


via FashionValet.com

Neon skirt - Brands Outlet

Shoes - Shoe Mint

Bag - Fendi 2jours

Earrings - Minz via FashionValet.com

Accessories - Forever 21& Sportsgirl

This will be the last time you see me wearing those lovely Shoe Mint heels on my blog. I've decided to give it to a good friend after thinking long and hard. These beauties should be seen more. I've kept them for almost a year and I've only worn it twice.

 Why have I decided to give these away is because I actually don't fit in them properly. I bought a size too small for my feet and every time I walk down hill I feel like I'm about to fall. I will only wear them if I have someone by my side at all time just in case I have to walk down a slope or something. It really is the comfiest and prettiest black pair of heels I own. I was rather sad to part with it (I get very emotional when it comes to my shoes) but I believe my friend would do it more justice than I did.

Goodbye beautiful creation. 

I will claim you back if my feet ever shrink a size. 

Photos by

Asma' Nasa

Edited by me