What I Wore: Tropical Shorts

What I wore:

Sunglasses - Rare Distro

Necklace - Cucito from FashionValet.com

Top - Random online shop

Shorts - Bangkok

Boots - Dotti

I wore this ensemble yesterday for my long awaited photo shoot session with Asma'. This casual combo was perfect for yesterday. I knew I was gonna get down and dirty while shooting her yesterday. It was so hot, I literally sweat buckets! I don't even sweat that much when I play badminton. Photography is my new kinda sports. Hehe

You must be wondering why on earth would I wear boots on a hot day? At first it was purely due to narcissism. After that, it was a necessity. The area we went to was a little bit muddy and I was thankful I wore my boots. 

I'm so glad I got my lazy ass out of the house on a Sunday for this. It was all worth it. Definitely beats sitting at home watching reruns of Running Man. (Though somedays I would rather do JUST that :) )

Check out


for some of the shots I took of her.

Photos by

Asma' Nasa.

Edited by me.