What I Wore: Purple Accents

What I Wore:

Chiffon Cardigan - Kohlur from


Top - Tailor Made

Leather Pants - Dotti

Shoes - Zara

Ring- H&M

A few months ago my mom gave me a huge piece of cloth she kept for herself since the 90s. She bought it in Thailand ages ago but didn't get around to turning it into an outfit. The colour of the cloth was absolutely beautiful! I had to do something with it so off I went to Mimpikita and got them to help me make 2 tops from the cloth. One a long sleeved peplum


and the other a sleeveless fishtail top. Even though a lot of the fa I love the outcome! :) The one I'm wearing in this outfit is the sleeveless fishtail top. My initial choice was to pair it with a leather jacket but I thought I should soften the look with a flowy chiffon


. The colour combination was unplanned and I'm glad it turned out well.

This is the first time


and I ventured outside of our usual photoshoot venues. It was a bit risky but man, it was all worth it! The place was beautiful and so serene. Believe it or not, it's an office building! 

How I wish my office was there. It'll be nice to take a break there once in a while during stress times in the office.

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