Photogaphy : A Cabbage Story

I love having real flowers as decoration around the house. It just brings the house or area to life. I used to be able to buy real flowers every weekend when I was in Melbourne. In KL however, I find it really hard to get fresh flowers, especially in the area that I live in.



' big boss, 


, brought me to a florist wholesaler. Unfortunately due to the festive season, most of the flowers were gone! I had to settle with the flowers above (not that I'm complaining!). While looking for flowers, I stumbled upon this cabbage looking flower. The colour and the look of it is so unique, I decided to just get it. The cabbage looking flower is actually called Brassica. It looks like a mixture of cabbage and rose. I love the combination of green and purple together, it's just too pretty. Hydrangeas are one of my favourite flowers, I'm so happy I was able to get a decent bunch and it's in my favourite colour purple as well! The carnations were a last minute decision, I thought the vibrant red colour would go really well with my turquoise vase. When I went back home, I quickly arranged the flowers so I can capture it during sunset. It was just so magical.

Wish I have the luxury to buy fresh flowers everyday.