Birthday '13

Every year for my birthday I will buy my favourite slice of cake and have it all to myself! Nope, no sharing here :) This year it's Alexis' berry pavlova cake. I only discovered this cake last year and boy, did I not regret it! Look at the picture below and tell me you don't want a bite! I dare you :)


A year older, a year wiser (I hope!). 

So much has happened since my last birthday. Personally, I think I've grown into a much stronger person compared to previous years and I've also gain so much different experiences with the things I do and the people I've met.

I really wonder what's in store for me this year. 

Hopefully it will be filled with joy and laughter, like the previous year. :)

I just realised I completely skipped my birthday in 2012 on my blog! Yikes! How did that happened?? Now I don't really remember what I did last year. Never mind, at least I've documented some of this year's birthday moments. 

Will share them here in the next few posts. :)