Guest Post #12 : His Christmas Wish List - Decided by You

Brought to you by Repertoire Fashion.

As difficult as it might be to admit, Christmas is just around the corner.

Yes, I know I’m being extremely premature offering gift advice when we haven’t even had Halloween yet. But getting the job done early is going to leave you with more time to relax and enjoy the festive season with your girlfriends.

It’s no secret that men are harder to buy for than women. They fail to drop any hints about what they want and they’re frustratingly elusive when it comes to direct questioning. This Christmas, rather than buying DVDs and aftershave in bulk, think outside the box and choose things that he would perhaps not think of buying for himself.

If you ask me, you can’t go wrong with clothes as a gift for your boyfriend. Even if he’s the sort of chap who’s quite assertive when picking his wardrobe, try choosing something he would normally scroll/stroll past when he’s doing his shopping.

Take this classic pink shirt from Ralph Lauren. He might not normally pick it up – simply because it’s pink – but there’s nothing to stop you from adding it to his gift list. He’s sure to love it once he’s got it on and may even be inspired to buy more pink pieces! You can find more designs like this, in the selection of


at Repertoire Fashion.

The same goes for footwear. Move him away from conventional options, like black or brown leather, with something like these divine olive suede boots by Jeffrey West – available from the fantastic collection of

designer shoes

, also from Repertoire. If he’s got any reservations about wearing green shoes, remind him that he’ll be firmly ahead of the fashion pack. I especially love the contrasting red laces of these gorgeous shoes. I’m even a little jealous that he gets to wear them!

As well as some fashion items, why not encourage your man to take a little time to pamper himself? This is something that a lot of men would never even consider, so it’s a great idea for a Christmas gift. 

Genco is a specialist spa for men. They offer a selection of facials, massages and grooming packages, in a relaxing environment. They also offer traditional barber shaves, something which is increasingly difficult to find these days. It’s a great way for a guy to spend a few hour and makes for a very unique gift. You can visit their website


When it comes to stocking fillers, why not create a selection of pampering products he can use at home post-shave? Molton and Brown have a wide selection of gorgeous

gifts for men

, including a fabulous black peppercorn range, which has a distinctly masculine scent. 

So this Christmas, stay away from horrendous novelty gifts and boring DVD box sets. The items we’ve put together might not appear on his Christmas list, but he’s sure to love the surprises you pull out this year.