Mom's 50th Birthday Cake

My mom doesn't usually eat cake and most of the time she wouldn't even bother with a birthday cake. This year for her 50th I've decided to make her birthday a lil bit special by getting her a designer cake. I've booked the talented cake boss from Gataeuxlicious  aka


 a long time ago for this special day. The only thing that wasn't finalised was the design of her cake.

A week before I decided to sketch it for Asma' but my sketches are horrible so I got my brother to do a few sketches and he came up with the below sketch using just paint! I was quite impressed cause I can't even draw a stick man properly, what more a cake. My mom has always wanted this Chanel bag but obviously I can't afford it just yet, so I decided to make her a miniature sugar version of it for her. Hehe, it looks so much like the real thing and check out the detailing and real chain on the bag.  I love Asma's attention to detail when it comes to her cake. It's always perfect!

The cake was supposed to be purple but because of the silver glitter, we thought the peach/pink would suit it better and it certainly did! Hope you like this cake as much as we do :)

What do you think of the cake?