Travel: The Love Lock Bridge, Paris

The "Love Lock" Bridge also known as Pont de l'Archevêché is possibly the most famous bridge in Paris city. Every couple wants to put a lock on this bridge, including my parents. However due to the rain, they didn't bother buying an overpriced lock to mark their presence there. Thank God! Hehe

Funnily enough, it was my dad who insisted on visiting the bridge. I almost gave up due to the rain cause I didn't want to wet my poor Cammy (aka my dslr) who's been working so hard on this trip.

However I didn't regret going though even though it was just for a while and pouring. It was pretty damn worth it.

Yup, you are right. That's me right there capturing pictures with an umbrella looking like a total idiot and getting my backpack wet, but it's oh so worth it! :) 

Have a great weekend everyone!