Travel {Photos}: Rome

2013 Eurotrip 


- 19/11 - 21/11

Venice - 21/11 - 23/11

Milan - 23/11 - 26/11

Monte Carlo - 26/11 - 28/11

Barcelona - 28/11 - 30/11

Madrid - 30/11 - 2/12

Paris -2/12 - 4/12

A few years ago J and I went on our US trip to celebrate our 7th year anniversary. I thought that was pretty damn amazing, until we went on our 10th year anniversary trip. J surprised me again with this mini Eurotrip. Needless to say, it was the best trip ever. :) 

Our first stop was Rome! I've heard so much and seen so many pictures of Rome so I was really excited to experience the Roman culture in real life. The things I've seen, touched and ate was quite an experience. My favourite part of Rome was waking up in the early morning to photograph the beautiful Fontana di Trevi (just 2 minutes walk from our hotel -Hotel Trevi) when there were no other tourists around. During this trip, I've also learnt that the Romans were such great artists. Most of their artwork are still maintained all over Rome until today. We discovered some pretty cool ceiling 3D painting in the Vatican's art gallery when 3D didn't even exist back when they were drawing it. That was pretty cool!

A big disappointment about Rome is San Crispino's gelato ice cream. I was looking forward to it as a lot of peers recommended it and it was also a hit on the internet. I had one of their best recommended flavours, the meringue , but was not very impressed. We walked further down the road and discovered another gelato place called Valentino as we weren't satisfied with San Crispino's, so we decided give this one a try. Surprise, surprise, it tasted so much better than San Crispino's!

Anyway, I enjoyed photographing Rome and I hope you will enjoy this series of pictures too :)