Photography {Wedding} : Mardhy & Arief

I had the honour of photographing Mardhy and Arief on their very special day on 14.01.14. :)

It was my second"live" event shoot after Fashion Valet for Downy and I must say I was tiny bit nervous, just a TINY bit. Only because it was a wedding, and I know how much this day means to them and their loved ones. I'm so used to shooting still objects and posed models, this was a bit of a challenge but amazing experience nonetheless. Capturing candid moments are always the best.

The wedding was so chill and intimate yet so much fun! Most of the Malay weddings I've been to have lots of protocol to be followed, so it was really refreshing to attend their wedding. There was a pop corn and cotton candy machine! Now I want me one of those each for my own wedding! Hehe. Not forgetting the chalk board! I've recently went on a pinteresting craze just pinning every single chalkboard backdrop I saw. So yes, I'm definitely getting one for my wedding too! Oh dear, I hope I don't end up as one of those brides who wants every single thing for their wedding.

Anyway, here are some shots from that day:

I would like to thank Mardhy and Asma' for trusting me to document this very special day for them and for me to part of the 'madness' as they would call it. :)