Travel {Photos}: Milan

Going through this set of pictures really saddens me to the core. :(

I was on a work trip in Jakarta recently for Indonesia Fashion Week and have lost my precious Samsung S4 together with all my pictures and memories from my recent Eurotrip. (including my engagement pictures). Silly old me didn't bother backing my pictures up.

A big, BIG lesson learnt, always back up your pictures no matter what. I currently use Dropbox to back everything up online. *sigh* I urge all of you to do so, if you haven't already done so.

Anyway, back to Milan. Oh what can I say about Milan. It's a shopping haven alright. Every corner of the city, you see a branded store. My favourite was Dior, Valentino and Cartier. The display at their windows were just jaw dropping-ly beautiful! I could only admire from the outside how beautiful their merchandise were. Milan was also the place that I had the best cup of cappuccino at a crepe cafe. Strangely enough, I only drink cappuccinos when I was in Italy. I'm a latte kinda girl everywhere I go but I find that their cappuccino there were so delicious.

Amongst all the historic tours we went to, the best one for me was the Last Supper tour we went to in Milan. It's pretty hard to get tickets right there and then so do plan ahead and get the tickets earlier. I liked the fact that it wasn't crowded where the Last Supper painting was at and I actually remember what our tour guide told us about the painting. I highly recommend this tour to everyone.

Did you know that the building where Leornado da Vinci painted the Last Supper was bombed? Everything else is gone except for his painting and one other painting Leonardo's assistant painted. Truly amazing!

Now onto the pictures:

p/s: We stayed at Ibis Hotel in Milan and I gotta say, Ibis was the perfect accommodation for us. We were hardly in the hotel as we were always out and about but we still want a comfortable room to come home too and Ibis Hotel did just that. :)