Travel {Photos}: Venice

Continuing from my Rome post, we rented a car (yay! Road trip in Italy, checked!) and drove our way to our next stop. It was none other than the beautiful and romantic city of Venice. I love the architecture of this city. So mysterious and full of character. This is also the city where I discovered 'Spritz Aperol', a famous Italian cocktail that everyone is apparently sipping on. I had a sip and I was sold. It was Spritz Aperol time for me everyday since then, hehe!

By the time we reached Venice, we were pretty much homesick and quite sick of pasta and pizza. We had that almost everyday in Rome and were desperate for some Asian food. Thankfully J discovered Ristorante Capitol by accident. It was the best Chinese restaurant in Italy! Okay maybe I'm a bit bias but the food was so good! :) I love Italian food and all but too much of it isn't good either.

In Venice we stayed at Aqua Palace and Hotel Arcadia. Both hotels were so beautifully decorated and served amazing breakfast (not pasta and pizza for sure!). However our room at Aqua Palace was located right next to the river bank and it kinda smells. The smell was so strong we had to ask guest services for an air refresher, which they so kindly provided. Venice is a beautiful city but parts of it really do stink. I know it doesn't make sense but you have to be there to experience it. As beautiful as this city was, I wouldn't advise spending more than 3-4 days here. Venice is pretty small and you can cover most places within 3 days. We got bored after 2 days here. Nonetheless, it was an amazing travel experience to see Venice in real life.

Hope you enjoy this set of pictures: