Travel {Photos}: Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is by far the safest and prettiest city we've been to during our Eurotrip last year. Every corner of the tiny city is picturesque with fairy lights hanging down their well preserved heritage buildings. As you know Monaco is a very well off country therefore you hardly see any beggars on the street. Even their shopping malls are lit up with pretty dangling chandeliers. The people are friendly as ever and the food is also pretty amazing, but so is the bill :) I don't think I saw any fast food chain restaurant when I was in Monte Carlo. 

We passed by Hotel de Paris and wanted to go in to have a look but the security guard stopped us and said only hotel guests are allowed. So I could only admire their beautifully decorated hotel lobby from the outside.

Dinner doesn't start until 8pm in Monte Carlo. We couldn't wait til' then as we were starving by 6.30 pm so we decided to give 'Buddha Bar' a go. It's a fusion japanese bar/restaurant. Surprisingly, the sushi there was really good and the ambience is great as well.

We decided to give fine dining a go in Monte Carlo. It's not like we have much choices as most of the restaurants are pretty expensive there. Le Vistamar at Hotel Hermitage was our choice. The interior of the hotel lobby is also equally as exquisite as Hotel de Paris. It was so pretty I had to take a few shots to share it here. The food served was also really good. Especially my duck confit, it was cooked to perfection! Even their desserts taste as pretty as they look!

Even their restrooms are pretty. I could sit in here all day!

We stayed at Novotel in Monte Carlo for the 3 days that we were there. The service was again amazing. J made a few requests on what he wanted and got them granted by their customer service rep. We got bumped up to their suite which comes with a free mini bar and a Nespresso coffee machine. Not only that, the view from our balcony was beautiful! I would highly recommend this hotel to all of you out there. Of course, if you can afford to, please do stay at their fancier hotels like Hotel Hermitage and Hotel de Paris. 

If I can afford to in the near future, I would definitely come back to Monte Carlo but perhaps during summer time. I can just imagine how it would be during summer. :)

Hope you enjoyed this travel post!



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