Fashion : Daniel Wellington

I've seen this watch on so many people these days. My brother and sister both have it as well, and my sister refused to let me borrow hers cause it's her favourite and she doesn't want me to ruin it. Ehem, I take care of my belongings very well, thank you! Thank God for the kind people over at

Daniel Wellington

 for sending me one of their beautiful watches. The Classic Sheffield Lady in rose gold is absolute perfection. For those who know me well, I only ever wear one watch and that's the watch my dad present to me when I was 20 and I've been using it ever since. But I'm making an exception for this watch cause I personally love how classic the watch looks and how it can go with any of my outfits. :) 

Yup, I got a matching watch for my fiance too! We've never done anything matchy matchy or the likes cause we are both quite different (in a lot of ways! but we are still in love with each other, don't worry!) . This is our first matching item in 10 years peeps! All thanks to the DW team!

If you'd like to get this gorgeous watch for yourself or for anyone special, head on to

to start shopping! Mine is the Classic Sheffield Lady which can be found


. Do follow them on instagram (


) as well for more updates on their latest collection.

Stay tuned for my outfit post with my DW watch :)